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STURMFREI: The freedom of being alone and doing whatever you like.Tip: It’s healthy to like freedom and time alone time but at the extreme it can be a red flag because it may cause someone to never let a relationship go too far. Can they eventually see living with someone or marriage (if that is what you want)?DEJABREW: Slowly remembering things that you did while drunk.Tip: Many daters have a drink on a date to loosen up but it’s important to know your limits or you will forget what happened and who you were with, plus it is not good for your personal safety.Dating means meeting in person and hopefully gradually joining your lives—live!

Tip: Many people text these days when they are first dating but I’m always surprised at how many singles develop an ongoing intimate virtual relationship without even meeting in person.FINIFUGAL: Someone who hates endings or tries to prolong the final relationship.Tip: There are inevitably those daters who want out but hate to end it so they will drag you along indefinitely.So, today we will be expanding our dating vocabulary together.I’ve elaborated upon these word definitions to incorporate some actionable dating tips for you too.

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As a word lover I was surprised to come across 21 dating related ones that I hadn’t heard.

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