Dbs 6 updating ports tree

The Free BSD operating systems offers Ports Collection as a simple way to install various applications.

Please consider donating money to the nix Craft via Pay Pal/Bitcoin, or become a supporter using Patreon./usr/ports/.arcconfig /usr/ports/.gitattributes /usr/ports/.gitignore /usr/ports/CHANGES /usr/ports//usr/ports/COPYRIGHT /usr/ports/GIDs /usr/ports/Keywords//usr/ports/Keywords//usr/ports/Keywords//usr/ports/Keywords//usr/ports/Keywords//usr/ports/Keywords/..... To use the search feature, you will need to be in the /usr/ports directory.

Disabling “majority” read concern also disables support for change streams For more information, see Disable Read Concern Majority.

Tip Enabling these backwards-incompatible features can complicate the downgrade process since you must remove any persisted backwards-incompatible features before you downgrade.

One can benefit greatly using an upgraded version of Free BSD.

Free BSD 12.0 supports amd64, i386, powerpc, powerpc64, powerpcspe, sparc64, armv6, armv7, and aarch64 architectures.

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