David archuleta charice dating

Then he came up with the reply that he is looking for a life partner who is confident and beautiful.

But, right now its really difficult to guess that when he will find his ideal lady.

But at a later they made it clear that they are just friends.

Let us see when he will find that girl that will meet up on all of these requirements of him.

You just have to understand the words.” Charice reiterated that all her performances are dedicated to her friends and family, and not to anyone special.

She also said that having a serious relationship is not in her list of priorities at this time.

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David and Miranda HAVE worked together, nothing more.Second, singing love songs with emotion, I think it's part of being a singer.Every time you sing, you should feel the song even if you're not in love.Charice replied: "What a question, what a question.First of all, I'm friend with David Archuleta and he is a great guy.

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