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But I think penny and wallace definitely make a great couple, they have very good on-screen chemistry.Pe Nn Y lin and Wa Ll Ace Huo more in Qian Jin Bai fen Baiin Indonesia is not allowed not allowed not allowed is not allowed not allowed not allowed, that's deric wen...he's too old for qiao en!Soon, Fei-yang's speeding heart is taken over by this handsome and promising man.One evening, a supposedly romantic marriage proposal is actually a death trap.I want to see another one of their collaborations paired up together in another drama.I have no idea why we're talking about other people in Wallace and Penny's thread.Yet, Wally would be like Wallace's pet name given by her mother who keeps humiliating him in front of his guy friends.But anyway, I like them with the pairing but I didn't like his character in the series as much.

I definitely enjoyed the pairing of Wallace and Penny in 100% Senorita even though it certainly isn't an idol drama which I'd consider as one of my absolute favourites.

Luckily she is saved by a weird doctor who meticulously remodels her face to make her look exactly like his daughter's.

They are my first favourite couple.bad they only have on-screen chemistry.. And thanks too them I like Taiwan Drama Actually Wallace and Penny never dated in fact Wallace was Qiaoen's Ex Boyfriend instead ..would go back to look at the pic of the three of them together where Penny is wearing the Pink Gown and Qiaoen is in the figure hugging black number one could tell by he stance and body language that he was more focused on taking the pic with Qiaoen....though we all really don't know what was the real reason behind their break up I heard Qiaoen had said that she's always still friends with her ex's.

English Name: Penny Lin Chinese Name: Lin Wei Jun Vietnamese Name: Lâm Vy Quân Birthday: June 7, 1978Birth Place: Taiwan Location: Taiwan Star Sign: Gemini Height: 166 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood Type: OFamily: parents and 1 older brother Fav.

Sports: racing, basketball and badmintion First Job: model Series: Lavander Screctly In Love At The Dolphin Bay Working Girl100% Senorita got them from a group.

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I think she is just so pretty to be missed Best couple with Ambrose Hsu I watched Penny Lin drama serie, 100% senorita in one of the taiwan channel.

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