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more » By the very first sunny days in 2019, a lot of games are getting published this month! more » Dear Community, in the last months we have received several feature requests from you which are mainly aimed at professional traders or came from such.

Car demand has been hit by a number of factors in recent months including a slump in sales of diesel vehicles in Europe and weakening demand in China, the world's biggest automotive market.

Bei Fragen rund um Ihren Strom-, Gas-, Festnetz-, Mobilfunk und Internetvertrag Alle unsere Hotlines im Überblick finden Sie hier.

You will find out more about the games of this month in our list below OUR HIGHLIGHTS Ever been a supporter of Mario Kart? more » Dear Community, last month we worked on a few changes regarding the trading on elitepvpers. For this reason we have decided to offer a membership that is specially adapted to this target group. more » Dear Community, today we proudly present two new features!

We published a new rank and changed a few things, e.g. The bump addon now has a schedule and the long-awaited auto bump function which you can use to have your bumps completely automated.

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