Dating polish girls

I'm sure his mother would be surprised at the very least. If your BF says it won't be a problem, it most probably won't, at least with closest family - parents, siblings etc.

Plus - if he wants you to meet them, it usually means he's serious about your relationship. We aren't really racist (besides fringe far-right morons, which some of them - be warned - tend to appear at this sub), but because Poland is 99% white and culturally Christian (I mean there are some atheists of course, but non-Christian faiths are below 1%), we aren't familiar with other races.

A Polish girl covering her hair in public because of her partner might attract verbal abuse Theres no such things as polish families in America unless were talking about 1st generation immigrants.It's more due to the fact that people with ginger hair are actually scientifically proven to be more prone to mischief than others, here's a lecture of Dr Peterson talking about this topic more in-depth:https://v=o Hg5SJYRHA0What you're saying is all nonsense.Problem is, this entails similar issues for you being inevitable.Also, there's a widespread belief here that to be Polish you have to be be white and be catholic and have generations of history in Poland etc this results in lots of talk about 'blood' and is usually invoked to argue the fact that Jewish Poles are not really Polish.

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