Dating how man test woman

If you acknowledge the crack then you are liable to be responsible for it. If she feels fat enough to ask then your answer is contradicting her feeling.

You will be blamed for causing it and you will be made responsible for repairing it.“Do I look fat? And if your “no” is not convincing enough to obliterate her feeling, she will be angry at you for lying. The only way to respond to a shit test is to dismiss it or make a joke as if it’s ridiculous, but not to answer it either way. Followed by escalating sexually to get her turned on.

The need for survival for a woman amongst her tribe is solely dependent on her MAN. An ideal answer to her “I’m hungry” should be like, “Ok, put your shoes on, we’re going out to eat! Make a decision or give her a few options to pick from. Highlighting insecurity of a partner can become a bone of contention in any relationship.

Therefore, she needs to be sure that she has picked the right man for this role and making sure that this investment will benefit her greatly in the long term. You’re wondering, such a simple question only demands a simple answer, right? Men miserably fail at this test when they are not indecisive or throw the question back at her, “I don’t know, what would YOU like to eat? ” Not only are you directing her and getting into immediate action, but you’re also taking her on a little adventure. So, next time you hear her say, “What movie do you want to watch? When a woman says things like: How should a man respond to something like that?

If you do have doubts, talk about it and try to RESOLVE it.

We must reject the notion that we are supposed to be always strong, steady and in control (aka masculine).

But before we get there, let us first understand why women test men?

From an evolutionary point of view, women have it in their DNA to test men. Since the woman engages in birthing and raising the offspring, as well as looking after her surroundings, the duties of her man are strictly laid out— like being ‘The Leader’, who will provide resources for food, shelter, comfort, and safety.

Unlike a video game, you don’t get unlimited chances here. Questions like these are a sign that her insecurities were triggered and she’s putting it to you to “make her feel better”.

It’s always best to reply with a compliment telling your girl that she is the prettiest, sexiest, smartest, and the most amazing creature in the world.

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