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uk previously looked into the women that the Russian president has been linked to romantically, but what about the women in his family? Vladimir shares the children with his former wife Lyudmila Putina.Putin guards his daughter’s privacy as fiercely as his own, and so a limited amount is known about the pair. The pair were married for 31 years, before divorcing in 2014.

Women Are Human Too Treating someone like a human being may not be what every woman wants but it does have its advantages.In the true spirit of compromise it could be that Dutch men are ‘not so exciting’ because that’s the way Dutch women like them. They are more traditional, they expect more presents, they expect more romance, they expect to be treated in a special way only because they’re a woman.Sophie’s conclusions might just say more about foreign women than Dutch men. Maybe it’s not politically correct but I personally feel the difference between men and women bring a lot of charm in life.Age: 31Education: German School Moscow Career: Acrobatic dancer and director Spouse: Kirill Shamalov Yekaterina, known as Katerina, is the youngest sister at 31. Shamalov is the son of Nikolay Shamalov - a co-owner of Rossiya Bank - a Russian joint stock bank.He is also vice-president of Sibur holding, which is a Russian gas processing and petrochemicals company headquartered in Moscow.

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