Dating dos and donts for teens

And while the list of advice we want to give our daughters could go on forever, there are some highlights that show up pretty regularly on every mom’s list, including mine: Now obviously this isn’t a complete list and I could go on for days, but these tips proved to be the most important bits of dating advice I shared with my own teen daughters over the years.

So use this as a jumping-off point and just start the conversation.

Teenage is a delicate age where we go through numerous changes both physically and emotionally.

Just the thought of our daughters being in the game can make us feel like throwing up in our mouth.So, we do the next best thing, which is to talk all the talk and give our girls as much of our knowledge as we can before they ever even leave the house.We distill all the important dos and don’ts and basically pass down our own personal field guide for how to survive in the dating world.It is advisable for every parent to let their teens grow like they normally would.It is tough to accept facts like they are into relationships, or that they have started lying, or that they have access to cigarettes and alcohol, etc.

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