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No matter whatever he does, he follows his heart, not his mind.Because of this reason, you can tell that he is a very thoughtful, affectionate, caring, and intuitive person.Don’t do anything leading to his suspicions, or he may become a jealous, manipulated individual.How to tell that he treats you more than a typical friend?The only one thing not influenced at all is his vulnerability.He’s kind of selfish as the Cancerian is unlikely to share your unwavering love and affection with anyone.He's also notorious for nursing a grudge, even one you don't know about until he throws a tantrum.Or he may try to sabotage the relationship indirectly, not even knowing himself what's really bothering him.

This could hint at patterns of stress, love-hate, and a struggle to be independent on his own. Cancer is ruled by the moon, for wavy moods and sensitivity. What puts him in retreat mode, back into the shell?He gets affectionate and lets down his guard when he feels emotionally safe.Often that means on his own home turf, with all his comforts within arm's reach.Once falling for someone, this guy will love with all of his heart.However, he is emotional, sensitive, and afraid of getting hurt; that’s why he often encases his pulsing heart in a hard, protective shell.

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One of signs a Cancer man has feelings for you is: he will invite you over to his place and cook for you.

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