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If restoration of your lamp is beyond you, I offer a restoration service where I will, where-ever possible, return you Miller lamp to its former glory and in as a cost effective manner as possible.

As the war escalated, all metal production was diverted to war related goods, making it unlikely that much, if anything, from the Bradley and Hubbard line was produced, unless for military use.was no exception, adding the production of flags, hoop skirts, spring measuring tapes and match safes during the war years.The discovery of oil in Pennsylvania in 1859 also had a great impact on the product line of Bradley & Hubbard with the decision to begin production of kerosene burning lamps.Selected Objects from the Smithsonian Institution Castle Collection The partnership of Nathaniel and William L.Bradley, Walter Hubbard, and Orson and Chitten Hatch began in Meriden, Connecticut in 1852 as .

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In recent years my expertise and knowledge regarding Miller lamps has been sort by collectors, both those specifically interested in kerosene lamps, and those whose interest includes such lamps (that is collectors of Victoriana).

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