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someone told me that Heim 1 is quite larger than Heim 2 and someone else told the opposite...i'm confused..._________________"sharing knowledge is as important as drinking water"The hiem 1 that I have is smaller than most 10 1/2 C mouthpieces that I have.However, over the years the production standards changed as the company itself changed hands.On the left in the photo is the oldest Giardinelli horn mouthpiece I own.goodmorning guys i'm looking for info about the difference between this two mpcs.

The C signifies it has a Chambers cup (as in James Chambers, longtime Principal Horn of the New York Philharmonic) with a number 2 bore.i open this topic beacause i can't find technical info about these mpcs on web.i heard people saying that Heim 2 is equal to bach 10-1/2 and people saying that Heim 2 is equal to bach 7C...There are still Holton Heim pieces out there but I believe they were discontinued. However its looks like the gustats that miles had were cut down on the top, to make them shallower, and then reshaped a bit inside.Tom_________________1950 Buescher Lightweight 400 Trumpet 1949 Buescher 400 Trumpet 1939 Buescher 400 Cornet GR65M, GR65 Cor #1delano thanks for the useful link!! here in Italy there is a store that is still selling them. thanks to all byee_________________"sharing knowledge is as important as drinking water"The kanstul gustat mouthpiece is not the same as a heim. At some point gustat pieces and heim pieces may well have been basically the same, but the ones miles had were not.

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