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An employer cannot simply unilaterally end your employment agreement.

They may, however, end the contract during your probationary period. If you are offered a temporary (or definite) contract, and of course this happens often, keep the following in mind: the 3x2x6 rule applies.

A permanent contract can only be terminated if the employee chooses to give notice, if the parties reach an amicable termination of the employment agreement or the Dutch court or UWV (the Netherlands Employees Insurance Agency) gives permission.

In other words, a permanent contract gives you lots of protection.

Don't forget to ask for payment of outstanding days at the end of the employment agreement. Most employers offer a pension to their employees but, generally speaking, it is not an obligation.

This is one of the most important issues in Dutch employment law.

For the employer, the notice period they can give you depends on your years of service.

For less than five years of service, the employer must give one months’ notice, for between five and 10 years it is two months’ notice, between 10 and 15 years it is three months and for more than 15 years of service, the notice period is four months.

If you have any questions about your contract or want your contract to be reviewed, please contact GMW advocaten via the form below.If this happens, always ask for an appointment with the company doctor.This doctor is the only person who can decide whether you have the right to stay at home and get paid your salary or not. Make sure that you take into account other clauses in an employment contract.Are you being offered a temporary contract or a permanent contract?Preferably, you want a permanent contract, as this is the one that gives employees the most protection.

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