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CT has a baby boy, but we hadn’t heard anything about his baby mama.Brown passed away after a long battle with ovarian cancer and CT was devastated, along with her friends, family, and fans.But that's not quite how the "Real World: Paris" alum remembers things. I know he's not going to be good for me.'" As we know, the couple had several on-again off-again status changes over the years, and they both have different opinions (unsurprisingly) on why things ended the first time."I think mostly what she was thinking was, 'Okay, I met this guy,'" CT slyly explains as Diem smirks by his side. "From his point of view, why things went south was definitely [because] he believed that I was career-first driven," Diem explains.Recently, CT participated in an interview with Hollywood Life and said that, because he is now a father, he hopes to set a better example for his son on the show.He told Hollywood Life: The main reason I came back, I know there’s going to come a time where he’s going to see me on TV. Coming on this show, I like to think that I did it for him and for the right reasons.She has beat cancer twice before, having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006 and again in 2012.While CT reportedly stayed in Panama after Diem returned to the U. for treatment, he rushed to her side when he learned of her deteriorating condition.

She was airlifted to New York, where doctor's removing a tumor blocking her colon found more tumors.

The installment reportedly filmed in Panama over the summer.

Diem, 32, and CT, 34, who famously dated and broke up throughout several seasons of “The Challenge,” will reportedly compete together as one of the ex-couple teams on the show. Diem, who is now battling cancer for a third time, was filming the series overseas with CT in August when she “collapsed” onset.

@mikeyvonair [ Repost from @mikeyvonair ] “Never in my wildest dreams would I think my hometown TV station would do a special on my career ❤️.

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