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While some of these can be entertaining, informative and funny, some of them can be downright creepy. As a fan of John Barlett’s kitten cam, I can attest that it’s hard to navigate away.The man has a new set of kittens like clockwork, and they are so darn cute.If you’ve seen dating profiles with “must love dogs,” you know yours says “must love cats.” Even if it doesn’t, you find a way to slip it into conversation to test your potential date or existing relationship who might not have been to your house yet.If they look like they want to hurl a hairball, you’re out of there. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

You might forget to eat breakfast or lock the front door, but rest assured the litter box(es) are sparkling clean every day. And they have personalities like any other smart animal does. There's a pretty good chance she comes from a family of cat people. It's a stereotype, but definitely true for some women! In other words, don't pretend you're allergic if you just don't like when the girl you're dating has a cat. And what type of requirements are we talking about?As a cat lover myself, I considered the many crazy things we might do to earn us this wacky feline stereotype.

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