Consolidating emails to one gmail account

Wait a bit and make sure all your old emails are in Gmail, then here's how to filter them: This will archive all of the old emails that are now in your inbox so that you don’t have to do it manually.

Optionally, add a label to move these messages to a new label if you want—though each of your imported messages are already tagged with the new label you created earlier. You now have access to all of your old account’s archived emails in your new account, and you can send and receive emails in the new account for both your new and old accounts.

Open your old Gmail account again, find the confirmation email from Google, and copy the confirmation code—then switch back to your button in Gmail, and you can now choose to send emails from your old or your new Gmail address.

And when you return to new Gmail account's inbox, you’ll see all of the email messages from your old account are being imported into your new account—which could take quite some time if you have a lot of archived emails.

6) Now that you've enabled POP access, you'll need to set your Google account to let POP apps connect to your Gmail account.Want to merge multiple Google Drive or Google Photos accounts?We've got you covered in this tutorial on merging your files and photos into a different account. The first method is adding your old Gmail account to your new one, where you can send and receive emails from both accounts inside your new Gmail account.The easiest way to resolve the problem is to enable two-step verification (if you haven’t already) and create an app password.New Incognito Window)—or open another browser like Safari or Microsoft Edge—so you don’t impact your current session.

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This is the option for you—and if it works, it's the best way to move to a new Gmail account. If you run into a wall, abandon it and try option two.

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