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Recommendations:SOHO Bar (苏荷), s MUSE Club (苏格MUSE), Neighbors (隔壁子) Age range: 18-40 Music: 65 Enviroment: 70 Beauty Index: 3 star Average cost: RMB 150 4.

Fanglin Road Bar Street 芳邻路酒吧一条街 Fanglin Road Bar Street is not as popular as Shaoling Road Bar Street and Lan Kwai Fong Bar Street, but it has a special position in the heart of Chengdu people.

Chengdu is the city once you have been there and you won’t want to back.

Chengdu, a typically leisure city in China, has many ways to to let you enjoy yourselves to the full.

Chengdu Eastern Memory Bar Street 东郊记忆酒吧一条街 Chengdu Eastern Music Park, now today’s Chengdu Eastern Memory, is located in a group of old industrial plants.

It follows the 798 Art Zone in Beijing, but is a music area instead of an art zone.

Recommendations: Juliet Live House, Home Bar (家吧), Rainbow Feeling Music Bar(彩虹菲林音乐酒吧) Age range: 18-35 Music: 80 Environment: 70 Beauty Index: 4 star Average cost: RMB100 10.

Recommendations:Muse Bar、88 Bar、True Colour Club (本色酒吧) Age range: 18-35 Music: 70 Environment: 80 Beauty Index: 4 star Average cost: RMB 200 3.

The bars have their lounge singers and some can even offer song-requesting service.

Except for bars, there are also performing places turned over from warehouses and workshops.

When the nightlife just begins you can see hotties here and there, Lan Kwai Fong Bar Street is known for its high consumption and extravagance.

Instead of using the name “Bar Street”, I prefer to call it a “Nightclub Street”.

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You can pick a bar in this small street, chat with your friends while listening to ballad.

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