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The communists considered free trade to be immoral.The catholic church deems just about everything immoral (except molesting choir boys, of course).As for me (a non-religious individual), I like to borrow a quote from the Bible, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Defense rests, Your Honor.lolrock: No one hasever doubted the wonderful liberateing spirit in the Jeffersonian ideal ?Well, except for in the 70's when Olof Palme was in office- and you killed him off!

He was much noisier after that but somehow it sounded like sweet music.: A couple hours after posting this, the law had to drop the raep charge for gross lack of evidence. And the Swedes have already discounted all charges as unfounded. Go Wikileaks and down with the masquerade of Democratically posed Imperialism.!!! 1984 should have been the newest testament because it the most accurate for prediction. Every single movie- women fucks up the plan of the hero. com/print-edition/news/netanyahu-wikileaks-revelations-were-good-for-israel-1.327773: He didn't do anything and everyone knows it.

: Someone needs to inform these fucktards that not all Americans are moralfags.

I am American and I not only don't go to church, follow moral guidelines or try to force my beliefs on others but I could fucking care less what the rest of the world does.

As for our "freedoms", maybe you hadn't noticed, but "W" stripped most of those freedoms from us and left us basically afraid of the Gov.rock: It is not americans per se that gets up our collective noses,it is the assumption of moral superiosity .

Particularly when the usa by its actions demonstrates an almost total lack of a moral compass of any kind? It was an illegal invasion of a soveriegn nation without provocation.

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