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However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for Alyssa Milano who found it even more difficult to break into the industry, being a woman.Although Alyssa Milano was lucky enough to have an agent who was friends with some pretty important people, that wasn’t necessarily enough to ensure her success.Profits have soared for this star and her sports fan clothing collection, making her one of the ‘go-to’ places for women who want to wear their team colors.Whilst she spends a lot of effort marketing her business at sports games and events, she also has to make time for the new addition in her family.After 18 months on the road Alyssa, who had begun to garner a reputation as an energetic and charismatic young actress, left Annie to be featured in off-Broadway productions and television commercials.Then in 1983, at age 10, she landed her breakthrough role on the sitcom as Tony Danza’s saccharine sweet daughter, “Samantha Micelli”, a kid whose native Brooklyn accent rivaled her TV dad’s.

Her sport fan fashion brand for women has become an instantly recognizable brand, which Alyssa manages to juggle alongside being a Mom and having a successful TV career. It all started when the actress went to watch a baseball game at the Dodger Stadium, where she went into their store in order to find something warm to wear.So, what is so special about Alyssa Milano’s Touch brand? What she saw offended her more than anything; it was all pink.It seemed as though the bosses at the sports store had decided all women needed was something pink and smaller than men’s clothing.She blogs for, has season tickets for her two favorite teams, and even hosts a small segment on the TBS network.To top it all off she wrote a book about the confessions of a baseball fan in 2009 ad her dog is called Dodger Dog. Unfortunately, at the time, it wasn’t enough to convince sports stadiums to stock any of her products and so she relied on selling online to start with.

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