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The officially licensed browser game of Game of Thrones has launched!From Winterfell to King's Landing, expand your territory in the ever-changing world of Westeros.I still want kids, I still want to find that someone that completes me.”As to the many articles that have been written about De Anna “Going Hollywood”, there could be nothing further from the truth.De Anna’s life is as “normal” as it gets in her hometown in Georgia. ‘Get Married’ is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.Personally, I still want to fall madly in love and be married.

Hmmm, that may be just about everyone who has ever been on the show except Ryan, Trista, Jason, Molly, Holly, the Dentist (Blake), Ashley and JP.

De Anna is very protective of her personal life and doesn’t like to discuss the reason her relationship with Jessie Csincsak did not work out.

She is not willing to explain that to anyone and would like to keep it private.

She does her own cooking, cleaning, laundry and food shopping and best of all, she still drives her Honda.

This sounds like the same down to earth girl we all saw on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

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