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Lucy takes her place and is a hit, and the girls earn enough money to fix the car and continue on their way.They check into a motel, and Kit tells her friends a rumor that Ben had been released from jail after killing someone.Caroline reveals that Lucy was an unintended pregnancy and that she wants nothing to do with her, and Lucy leaves heartbroken.At the motel, Ben comforts Lucy and impresses her by writing music to her poem.

As children, they bury a "wish box", vowing to dig it up on their high school graduation and pledging to stay best friends.The car breaks down, and with little money, Mimi suggests they sing karaoke at a local bar for tips.The girls dress up and take the stage, but Mimi develops stage fright and is unable to sing.Kit and Mimi arrive at Dylan's apartment to find he is cheating on Kit.She realizes it was Dylan who raped Mimi, and punches him.

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The girls have their first honest conversation since they were kids: Lucy reveals that her mother left her and her father when she was a child, but is convinced her mother wants to find her but is too scared; Kit, overweight as a child, has an overbearing mother who sent her to "fat camp" but now cannot stand that her daughter is more beautiful than her; Mimi reveals that her baby's father is not her ex-boyfriend, but a man who raped her at a party, and that she is planning to put the baby up for adoption.

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