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Most of the women we spoke to were more interested in getting us to pay for a cam show than they were actually meeting us in person.

It’s horrible to have to write this, but it’s really bad for the industry to have a site parading itself around as a legitimate dating service, when in fact it offers a completely useless access to cam girls which you can also find on cam girl sites.

Our crew sent out 250 emails as we did on all the other sites we tested.

In response we received 148 replies, but only 4 of those women said they were willing to meet us out somewhere, and then none of them showed up. In our opinion the site is a hub for cam girls and Ageless Dating scams have become the norm now for cougar and cub dating sites.

At Bio Trust, they say that behind everything they produce stands a scientific team and each product is sent to a third-party testing facility for additional analyses.

In our estimation we found only 3 the actually worked and the rest were complete garbage.

They were a waste of money, and even worse, they were a waste of our time. If Ageless Dating is a legit site, we couldn’t make it work for us.

Hookup sites in general have basically been spoofed by unethical businesses who hide behind loopholes in the law, that allow them to bury clauses in their terms of service to get away with things like this.

What unethical sites will do is use something called “White Labeling” which means basically they can sell their service as one thing when it is really something else entirely.

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