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Now that all of our healthy, happy and successful, adult children are old enough to drink and go dancing and are mostly non-monogamous, as are a lot of their friends, we are kind of trying to not make public spectacles of ourselves! Political Forum - POLL: Should we bring it into the rotation?Trying to avoid a "Hey, dude, I saw your mom feeling up a couple of dudes, your dad and two ladies at Habits. - I think its quite cool that a rather large group of people find relatively common interests about sexual openness, sexual play, sexual fantasy etc...

We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Oklahoma looking to meet new people. LOL "Christians complain about anyone who doesn't believe the way they do. They think it's way more fun to go out and try to seduce vanillas (cause, hey, everybody really wants to be a swinger deep down, right?

Every Trek fan worth his salt KNOWS that JAMES KIRK is the space pimp who started it all! A green chick, a blue chick, a BLACK chick (that was a network television first! Talk about a completely perfect remake of a cult classic with a few twists on the characters! Since I am gone from home so much, I dont get to watch a lot of cable, but you can bet that when I do make a date with the TIVO I am GLUED to these shows, and nothing, short of my wifes sexy ass smile and devilish little "come and get it" grin, can make me press pause! (m R.) ;) Audi is cheaters' top choice - Automotive News June 14, 2013 - What kind of cars do single swingers posing as couples drive? In this last list, we have only been to Club 90, and yes it has been a while, but we always run into people from the swing scene when we have gone there.

Christianity, homosexuality, swingers, beliefs, opinions, facts, fiction. If everyone could be kind, accepting and tolerant it would improve the world no matter what your person beliefs. swinging: It's not for everyone - - Ain't THAT the truth? Many people it seems are only one or two drinks away from major drama or worse!

So even though the evolution of social optimization in our species has developed into some very advantageous cooperative behaviors deep down inside sex is really important and subconsciously is a greater drive than the overall good of the community. Plus side to this sort of socializing, is there is no expectations, just possibilities.

So people are more likely to behave in what might be considered an anti social manner or cheating for the reward of sex. So we get fairly often husbands but sometimes also wives that want to have the whole sexual enchilada but really cannot because they have a mate more into raising existing offspring than looking to mate with others. Stay away from anyone using those castanet things when your naughty bits are hanging out. Either you like a good sci fi TV series or movie or you don\'t. Nobody is going to say "I thought you were a swinger? " Down side is one visit may not be enough to make a connection, on a Friday night in town, unless at least one of the two of you is really, really social and communicative.

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we've seen it before, just like anywhere else, people get ugly here too. There are other places, plenty of them, to debate the un-win-able debates.

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