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Sony logo appeared, and I had a working Playstation.Due to this console still being on 3.50, I could not access online, nor play any of the games I had bought previously. I tried rebooting, updating from the disc, nothing worked.The R4 3DS DUAL CORE cards confirmed to work with the 11.9.0 update.Regardless of your 3DS model or region, the above R4 3DS cards will work just fine.Below you will find the cards that we have tested and which are confirmed to be working on even the latest 11.9.0 3DS Updates.While our official cards have not needed an update to their firmware for some time, due to the nature of the R4 3DS cards we carry.

My flash drive's lights flicker, so it does try to access it, but after a while it stops and it just hangs.

Our most popular card is the R4 3DS Dual Core card.

It offers the very best support for emulators for all of the popular emulators for the NES, Super NES, Neo Geo, and more.

I guess one other thing you could try to do is, if you have the money, buy an E3, backup your consoles NOR and try to update it that way?

Not sure that will work, and that's a pretty decent amount of money to spend on a maybe, but depending on how desperate you are to get it working could be worth a shot. I have heard of E3 flashers, but I'm unfamiliar with them.

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