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He slipped into the bathtub, and allowed the warm soapy water to soften his rough skin.After a few minutes of soaking he brought his legs up to shave what little stubble has formed on his legs and arm pits.After a big gulp of wine he quickly tore open the boxes and gingerly held up the items.The satin lingerie was smooth beneath his fingers and the dress was a vibrant dark red.

He headed to the bathtub and dropped the remaining of his conforming male clothes to the ground.

The whole drive home he pictured the perfect pair of pantyhose to wear with his clothes, it was a new set of sheer black pantyhose that glistened in the light that his fiancée Jane had recently bought, Wolford Neon 40.

He could envision how he’d look in the outfit along with red stilettos that he always begs Jane to wear but doesn’t because she claims they are too high and make her look like a slut.

He opened the drawer where Jane kept all her delicates along with her pantyhose.

Without a second thought he reached directly for the pair pantyhose that he has been counting down the days until he could wear it.

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The packages fumbled in his hands as he rushed into the house.

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